Hope Funds for Cancer Research 2009 Awards Gala

On July 18th the Trustees and Advisors of the Hope Funds for Cancer Research hosted a Gala in Marble House in Newport, RI. The event raised nearly $250,000, which will be used to fund post doctoral fellowships in cancer research. The Honorary co-chairs of the Gala were Dr. Malcolm Moore, from the Sloan-Kettering Institute and his wife Francine. The Gala was chaired by Mr. and Mrs. William P. Egan of Boston and Newport and Dr. and Mrs. Antonio J. Grillo-Lopez of Rancho Santa Fe, California.  Gala Video Short

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Amy & Ronen Marcus  John Gordan III, Robert Weinberg & Edward McDermott Brian Druker & John Cameron

The White Tie Dinner and Dance hosted in the legendary Newport mansion, Marble House, was held in honor of the Hope Funds Awards of Excellence Recipients. This year’s Honorees were Robert A. Weinberg, Ph.D. for Basic Science, Brian Druker, M.D. for Clinical Development, John Cameron, M.D. for Medicine, Amy Dockser Marcus for Advocacy, and the Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Fund for Cancer Research for Philanthropy.








Ivana & Charles Baltic   Malcolm & Francine Moore  Philip & Patricia Bilden  Jackie Egan & Connie Hayeshf0531hf0099hf0040hf0061







Sharon &                                    Maria &                                    William Hahn &                          Leah &
William Wood Prince               Antonio Grillo-Lopez                Ivana Kim                                   Ross Cann


Kathryn Harrington &                   Ashley Bickford                        Bettie &                                        Hunter  & 
Joclyn Schaap                                                                              Jonathan Pardee                           Lynn White


Alex Papa, Antonio Grillo-Lopez                     Frank Slack, Maria Grillo-Lopez &                          Brian Druker & 
 & Orest Zaklynsky                                       Pedro Medina                                                              Sohail Tavazoie

All photography on this page: Courtesy of Roger Farrington

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