Hope Funds for Cancer Research 2013 Panel Discussion & Dinner at Rosecliff

Hope Funds for Cancer Research held the fifth in a series of panel discussions on innovative cancer research and treatment on August 4th at Rosecliff in Newport, RI. The provocative discussion was for the lay public and featured some of the world’s leaders in treatment and research.  The event was attended by philanthropists, physicians and scientists, including Nobel Laureate Dr. James D. Watson of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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Five panelists, moderated by Hope Funds Trustee Leah Rush Cann, addressed the importance basic science discoveries have for revolutionary treatments for patients and the importance of young scientists in the process. The panelists were former NBC Chief Science correspondent Robert Bazell, Dr. Malcolm A.S. Moore Chair of the Hope Funds for Cancer Research’s board and principal investigator in cell biology  at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and three Hope Funds Postdoctoral Fellows, Dr. Elsa Beyer Krall from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Dr. Jordan Krall from the Whitehead institute at MIT, and Dr. Thales Papagiannakouplos from the Koch Center at MIT.

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The event was co-chaired by Mr. & Mrs. Charles V. Baltic III, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bazell, and Mr. & Mrs. J. Gregory Van Schaack. David B. Ford & Pamela L. Fielder were the Honorary co-Chairs. The event raised funds to support a researcher for a year.

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All photography is courtesy of Caitlin Wood Photography.