Hope Funds for Cancer Research

The mission of the Hope Funds for Cancer Research is to encourage investigation of innovative cancer treatment and detection for the most difficult-to-treat and understudied cancers. The Hope Funds for Cancer Research supports scientific and medical research programs aimed at increasing knowledge relating to both cancer care and prevention. We support programs we believe have the highest probability of success in addressing unmet medical needs, which we determine by rigorous scientific and economic analysis.


A Conversation with Gina DeNicola, PhD


A conversation with Frances Byrne, Ph.D.


A Conversation with Rick Young, Ph.D


A Conversation with Frank Slack, Ph.D.


A Conversation with Lewis Cantley, Ph.D.


Hope Funds’ Mission Video Short

More than ninety-one cents of every dollar donated to Hope Funds for Cancer Research in 2016 went to funding grants and grantee programs 

Hope Funds for Cancer Research is an independent and unaffiliated non-profit organization